Morning!  Occasionally, you'll see a post like this one where I put together an outfit just because.  I created what you see below three years ago and I just love how it's still relevant.  I can't believe how popular floral is now, probably more so now than it was then.  Because this was created three years ago, I recognize that these specific items are no longer available.  However, they are classic and I'm sure you can find replicas almost anywhere.  I  hope this inspires your casual Saturday look this weekend or any other!  Maybe even dress it up with a bit more jewelry.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

Casual Chic Saturday

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  1. Anonymous7.1.12

    This is outside of what is in my closet but I LOVE this Casual Saturday look!! It completely flows and you can do a bunch of things in this outfit go to work, have dinner and a night in the town this is great.

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback! What is your style?...perhaps we can discuss it here on Styled to Wear.


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