In "Are You Like" posts, I introduce a woman, and identify her body type, hair and eye color, goals, obstacles and budget. Then I style her in pieces from her own wardrobe and a few new items that I've selected for her. The intent is to present someone with whom you identify and provide you with tips that will help you get dressed to impress everyday. Check out Ali's profile and some tips HERE and HERE.

In this final installment, I created a new polished and alluring party look for Ali.

Can't you see yourself shimmying in this beaded mini skirt? It draws attention to some of Ali's best assets: her curves and legs. The dark chocolate and metallic beads look great against her olive skin and the white blouse makes her face glow. Do you like the cap-toe trend? Find them in a bright hue like these to add zing to any outfit. PLUS pointed toe shoes add length to your body creating the illusion of more height.  The jewelry is Ali's: a necklace found on her travels in Argentina, pair of hoop earrings with dark wood and silver embellishments, and classic yet modern watch also seen HERE.

Would you wear this to a party?  Hope you like!


  1. Very cool post! Nice read!!!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I can't wait for those in the future. Any particular "type" of woman you'd like to see featured?


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