I need to replenish my basics--black jeans, trench coat, nude kitten heels, etc.--for the reasons I state below.  I figured I'd share a list of items every woman should keep handy in her closet besides the predictable LBD (little black dress).

      photo of closet courtesy of California Closets; photos items courtesy of Amazon

1. DEFUZZER to get rid of stubborn pills on your clothing.

2. DEODORANT SPONGE to eliminate white deodorant streaks. Don't those always seem to appear when you put on your darkest top or dress?

3. BAR OF SOAP to unstick stuck zippers. Ever rushing to get out the door and pull up your dress or pant zipper in haste causing the fabric to catch in the zipper teeth? I can hear it now: "Delays are expected for 10 to 15 minutes, alternate clothing suggested." Rub a little soap on the affected area and unstick that stuck zipper in seconds! Back on schedule!

4. BRA STRAP CLIP because bra straps are meant to play supporting, not leading roles.

5. BRA EXTENDERS are great if your bust size increases, like when you're pregnant. Adjust your bra size with these inexpensive tools and maybe avoid shelling out a few hundred on new bras. Any Moms out there who have tried this? Would you recommend any brands in particular?

6. MAKEUP PROTECTOR HOOD because make up stains on clothes are wretched. A great alternative to the hood is a shower cap--do NOT suffocate yourself. I will not be held responsible.

7. After you carefully pull on a your stockings spray on HAIR SPRAY to strengthen the fabric's fibers and prevent runs.

8. AT HOME DRY CLEANING SHEETS Truth is dry cleaning is expensive and sometimes you need your clothes in a jiffy. In 30 minutes dry cleaning sheets and a dryer near you can deliver clean (stain and body odor free), wrinkle free clothing. I don't recommend at home dry cleaning for all clothing, but I've had good results with suits. TIP: I use Dry Cleaner's Secret. I think it cleans better than Dryel.

Make no mistake this list is not comprehensive and there are essentials to add like lint brush, safety pins, and more.

Onto my shopping list...

BLACK JEANS because I need to stop flitting around in black leggings during my down time. I love them and live in them when I can, but diversity is important in almost every equation, no? Black jeans are the perfect alternative because they're just as versatile and slimming. Right now I have a personal phobia of blue jeans except when it comes to Lana Del Ray. Several rips in inappropriate places are involved. Don't ask.

Single breasted TRENCH COAT. I feel like a child without one; I've put off buying a new one for too long. This is what an adult woman wears on a chilly, breezy and or rainy day. It works in spring, summer and fall. I have broad shoulders so I tend to avoid double breasted jackets--a little more on that HERE.

NEUTRAL KITTEN HEELS because 5" is not okay for meetings or my back.

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