MEET NINA! Nina is a good friend of mine from college who was kind enough to participate in this for our benefit. I styled Nina in a few outfits based on her self-described style, attributes, and goals. Check out her profile below and the first outfit I put together for her. Are You Like Nina? Through her story find tips for yourself.

I chose this dress for Nina because of its versatility, color, and ability to add shape to her body though in this wind it becomes quite voluminous.

*VERSATILITY* Nina can throw this dress on with a suit jacket and pumps for work, pair with flat flip flops and a slouchy tote for a casual weekend look or pair with these edgy shoes and leather jacket for...well whatever she likes.

*COLOR & SHAPE* Nina is lucky because primary reds and blues work against her skin (and if you're like her, yours too). In this dress, they are tempered by white, violet, black and midnight blue. Notice the pattern on this dress. The center blue portion elongates her torso because it visually flows from bust to lower thigh, while the red belt creates a visual break in her dress to define her waist. The red bit down the center of her frame also elongates it. This is a great example of how to use color to elongate the body. Remember vertical lines elongate the body, as discussed HERE.

Whenever someone mentions 'edge' I think of a few things immediately: studs, spikes, leather and leather jackets in particular, rips, black shadow and mascara, mohawks, chains, cuffs, etc. These studded shoes are fun and add just the right touch of 'edge' for Nina. PLUS, who with her skin can resist this bright pop of blue? It makes her skin all the more vibrant.

Photos by Caitlin McNaney

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