There's this saying, "Cut your coat according to your cloth," that means only buy things that you have sufficient money to pay for (ahem, financial crisis 2007-present...hard cough). Anywho, I take a similar tack when it comes to clothing, and maybe, just maybe so should you. Buy what makes sense for your body type and save yourself the embarrassment of being the woman in ill-fitted clothing, unless intentional. Bonus, save yourself the money of buying something you wouldn't dare wear again after the first humiliating ordeal.

In walks Chanel. Well, I mean the company not Coco, toting its expertly crafted tweed jacket. I watched the video below and noted how rare it is to find a jacket that suits almost anyone. With the many varieties of blazers for us to choose from how does one choose the right one(s)? My tips are below.

Cropped jackets like the one by Band of the Outsiders below automatically make you appear taller. Petites and those crying for a few more inches, jump for joy and spread the word! They also will draw attention to the place on your body where they stop. If you have a wide mid section, steer clear.

I'm IN LOVE with this long straight jacket by Stella McCartney. It's loose and has structured shoulders. If you have sloping shoulders this jacket works for you. The jacket screams androgyny, but pair it with feminine pieces--A-line or full skirt/dress, cutoff short shorts and tank, and or cinch it with a belt and you're good to go with your pretty self--if you fear being called sir. More about that HERE.

Sonia Rykiel's double breasted jacket is best for pear shapes and anyone looking to add size to their top half. Anything double breasted makes your torso appear larger. The same goes for wide lapels. Step away from double breasted anything (unless we're talking your own anatomy) if you are carrot shaped (wider on top than bottom) and don't plan on balancing out your bottom half; that includes you if you're not sure of how. I also like that this one falls well below the hips.

Are you a ruler? Who doesn't want to be Queen B? But if your body type, not mindset, is one of "ruler" (straight up and down) then Sass & Bide's jacket is your subject. It will work for you. Its cinched waist and slightly flared bottom give your body more of an hour glass shape.

And finally, ladies (and the awesome gentleman reading out there) we come to that beautiful tweed jacket. Stop drueling. This one from Chanel's Spring 2012, is great for we women with broad shoulders. We don't need the extra shoulder pads and structure, though nice when balanced. Chanel, don't kill me, but avoid this if you have of an apple shape. For apples, I would recommend v-neck jackets that button just below the bust and a lot of jackets now feature an inverted v at their base which lets you breathe. Check out Smythe's jacket below for an example. TIP: v shapes make the areas where they fall appear smaller.

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photos courtesy of (l) to (r): shopbop, Stella McCartney, shopbop x2, style.com, shopbop

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