In Are You Like Nina?, Part I I introduced my friend Nina and described her attributes and sartorial goals. One of her goals is to use clothing to create the illusion of a longer torso; find a tip on how to accomplish that HERE. I dressed Nina in the drop waist dress below because they too lengthen a short torso. A drop waist dress is one that has a waistline seam at the hips rather than the natural waist. The near geometric V pattern on this dress draws the eye downward and is slimming on most figures. A V shape will pull the eye towards whatever direction it points.
Above, I dressed Nina in a couple of her favorite colors: blue and white. Here are a few more colors that would look great on Nina. To this palette I would add rich royal blues and reds like you saw HERE as well as royal purple, fuchsia, and electric blue, moss green, and the list goes on...

Photos by Caitlin McNaney

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