New York is bracing for 90+ degree weather for the next three days. The Weather Channel's national US forecast (see video below) predicts that we all will face 90+ degree weather at some point this week. Work attire gets tricky when mother nature threatens to scorch our behinds and somehow drench us at the same time with stifling humidity. For many, that means walking into the office breaking a sweat and immediately catching a chill because office air conditioning systems are set to polar. Ward off the heat and stay warm in your frozen office as best you can with the following fabric choices and tips.
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SILK is lightweight, breathable, and you can layer it easily. Dress it up or down for office or leisure as it is elegant in any setting.

COTTON absorbs sweat easily, is available in several colors and clothing choices (i.e. dresses, tops, pants,  jackets, etc) so it's regarded as a good summer material. I say pull your seer sucker out! Seer sucker is made from cotton, lightweight and polished. Plus it's a fabric officially reserved for the summer (then again, break the rules and wear it whenever you want!); also poplin and chambray are viable options for liberal office environments.

LINEN is light weight and maybe the most breathable fabric you can choose for hot and humid climates. Many women opt for linen as an alternative suiting fabric during the summer so you can find it in a variety of colors. Just be careful of wrinkling. TIP: carry a travel size anti-wrinkle spray to maintain a polished appearance (example HERE).

LYOCELL (also known as Tencel) is breathable, absorbent, more wrinkle resistant relative to cotton and linen. Lyocell also drapes well so you probably can find some neat dresses and skirts made of this material or blended with rayon, linen, silk, cotton, etc.

WORSTED WOOL is usually used as suiting material. It's generally wrinkle resistant, keeps you cool, good for year round wear but lightweight enough for summer. Suits of wool-silk blend tend to provide the same benefits described above but are less expensive.

WEAR LAYERS to keep warm in the office. Cardigans and suit jackets do the trick. Try pima cotton fabric for cardigans because it is lightweight and provides superior warmth. Plus because of it's weave, it's touted for its durability with potential to last 1.5x as long as other cottons. Bang for your buck! Don't tell your boss I told you this, but tote a blanket to the office to cover your legs so long as it doesn't shed.

TASTE THE RAINBOW by trying lighter colors that suit your complexion. They absorb less light and therefore keep you cooler. TIP: look for clothing that has been treated to be UV resistant or do it yourself; I've not tried this, but many people swear by Rit Sun Guard Laundry Treatment UV Protectant. Learn more about this topic HERE.

AVOID 100% polyester or anything that is majority polyester because the item will trap body heat and wrinkle easily. That means undue hot flashes and pit stains and maybe worse a disheveled appearance. OY. TIP: I use Certain Dri to avoid that oh so inappropriate dampness under my arms. It has NEVER disappointed me in the few years I have been using it.

Head over to the Styled to Wear facebook page timeline for summer work attire ideas over the next couple days.

And now for your forecast...

Video courtesy of The Weather Channel

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