This is the final installment of the Are You Like: Nina? series in which I introduce Nina, her sartorial goals, obstacles, body type, and I style her in clothing that meets her goals. Find Nina's profile and some tips in Part I HERE and a second outfit I styled Nina in HERE.

For the final outfit I styled Nina in I wanted to address creating an hourglass shape and bring a little edge to a feminine outfit. I selected a dress for Nina in her favorite colors: gold, burnt orange and black and paired the dress with peach shoes with gold accent on the heel and gold accessories that feature near transparent gems in flattering colors for Nina.
Nina's shoulders are broad relative to her narrow hips. So, I chose a dress with a fuller skirt to balance her bottom half and added a belt to provide her with an hourglass shape. 
I chose a brown croc skin man's belt with a large, heavy, metal buckle to add edge. Its brown color plays nicely with the tones of the dress, and though the belt's style contrasts with that of the dress it does not disturb the overall look, especially because the remainder of the accessories ground the ensemble in femininity.
Accessories can totally transform an outfit.
See...I think she's happy. 
Swapped out the earrings on the table for those on her ears and added a bejeweled pendant in colors that pop against the dress and Nina's skin. This is a simple and easy change.

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