Queen Latifah's dress choices may serve as guidelines for women with apple (or round) body types. Physical attractiveness, most influenced by the media, is often synonymous with being thin, and having high cheek bones, large eyes, bee stung lips and a small nose; these standards are found worldwide. However, all women cannot fit the mold. In the US, the Center for Disease Control finds that 60% of adult women are overweight and one third of overweight women are obese. We all need to don clothing or risk being arrested, so dress to flatter your body like Queen Latifah and join her in defying the societal image of attractiveness. Below, I dissect why this look works for her (and you too).



  • Thinner straps, beaded embellishment on the bodice and a fitted, near empire waistline all draw the eye upward to Queen Latifah's face and bust, both of which are assets of hers.

  • The bodice flattens the top of her abdomen. 

  • The high tulip skirt allows her to breathe and falls gracefully over her stomach and hips. It tapers inward towards her knees drawing attention to her great legs.

  • I find that peep toe stilettos (without ankle straps) flatter every and any woman. Hers are simple, sleek and elegant.

  • I provide similar advice for dress features that flatter a round body type HERE.

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