This post is for women struggling to master or understand the art of mixing different prints. Mixed prints has been discussed ad nauseam during the Spring/Summer 2012 season so forgive me for joining the chorus, but I think because the trend figures prominently in designers' Fall/Winter 2012 and Resort 2013 collections it's worth covering. Here are a couple simple tips illustrated by a set that I created three years ago plus a few more.

1. The prints should be different sizes. Two large prints juxtaposed with each other tends to clash--the eye doesn't know where to focus. TIP: The larger print is most arresting. Place it on the body part you wish to enhance, NOT the one from which you wish to draw attention away.

2. Use prints in similar color families--this way they already have a common thread that binds them together to form a cohesive look.

3. For fall, think of employing textured fabrics that feature prints as a way of adding dimension and sophistication to your outfit. Think jacquard, lace, fishnet.

4. Check out this slide show for visual inspiration courtesy of Refinery 29.

5. Visit the StW facebook page for some mixed print looks off designer runways and the street tomorrow.


  1. Holy moly. I haven't seen you in ages and you know exactly what I need!!! Jumping for joy.

    1. Yay! Happy this is helpful! Pow Wow soon!


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