Here are a few videos, images and articles I found interesting this week. What I share here may or may not be directly related to fashion, but to be ill informed is never fashionable. Leave your thoughts with the 'Add a Comment' link at the bottom of this post. My first impressions are italicized below. Enjoy!

1. Ee'da- "Fade to White"

by Ee'da reblogged from Dark, Lovely and South Asian a blog I found via my friend Biba who pens MalayaStW says: This was so real, right, and timely. Loved the video concept too--clean and simple.

2. "When extensions go wrong: Naomi Campbell displays shocking bald patches after years of wearing weaves" Read/View via Daily Mail HEREStW says: Most shocking images of Naomi's receding hairline EVER!!! Scary.

3. "Why women in China wear ski masks to the beach: weekend read" Read/View via FashionSing HERE. StW says: I like a diverse view of beauty and appreciate tradition.

4. "Dream Catcher: This boutique owner made her fantasy a reality" Read/View via Refinery29 HEREStW says: More power to any woman trying to get her own piece of the world. The world is ours (each and every person reading out there) for the taking.

5. Fashion is Political: Fashion Editor Robin Givhan Talks Politics. Read HEREStW says: Interesting mainly for the last two paragraphs.

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