Women's Fall/Winter 2012 fashion shows were teeming with leather as one would expect because scores of women will grab for warmer pieces when cold winds threaten to chill bones and snow pads the bottom of  boots (at least those who will experience a true winter). However, this season designers used leather for more than practicality. They successfully used leather to make bold statements that communicate the strength, complexity and sartorial sophistication of the heroines who will sport their clothing this winter. Designers mixed finishes, colors and textures to create sometimes wild but certainly always interesting pieces that are sure to draw attention to anyone wearing them. Below are just a few options in black and don't get me going on the coats which are even more fantastic and varied in artistic expression.
photos courtesy of: style.com. From left to right: Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Fendi, Gareth Pugh

Leather was used for almost every type of item that sashayed down the runway. However, it was the leather dresses that betwixt my heart. I've made it no secret on the StW twitter feed and Pinterest board that I am craving a new leather dress. I've been fixated on black, blue and burgundy as color choices, but a few months ago I fell in love with THE leather dress. Feast your eyes ladies (and gentleman) and grab some tissue because I know your mouth will water like mine does as you set your sights on this beautiful construction by The Row. It's.NOT.black. Oh. Yes!
photo courtesy of: Terry Richardson; pictured Gwen Stefani in The Row leather dress

Okay, I cheated. This dress is from Mary-Kate and Ashley's Pre-Fall collection (the Olsen twins are the designers behind The Row). Fall is fall, nonetheless. So, how about that tissue? For a cool $3,390, you can stay warm in this coral colored confection. The leather dress is trending this season, but it is also a timeless piece. You will see it revived every few years or decades. I say, invest. This one in particular is ideal for women with hourglass and ruler frames; I'm an inverted triangle and certain that this will look great on me (and you) too.

P.S. Harper's Bazaar beat me to featuring this dress so boo hoo! (I wrote this entry a couple months ago, but failed to publish it. That's life.) I think it's worth writing about anyway. What about you?

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