During my recent trip to Paris, I noticed how practical Parisian women's shoes are. Heels are virtually ubiquitous at all times of day and night. However, they are invariably lower, two to three inches lower, than what women painfully prance around in here in the states, or at least in major US cities where 4.5-6+ inch heels are de rigueur. I too walk around in heels that I shudder to think will one day cripple me. Why? Because my heels complete my outfits, add height that would flatter nearly any woman, make my body appear more trim and my legs inspire glances of admiration and envy. Suffice it to say, to some extent, they make me feel good. Charlotte Dellal the woman behind Charlotte Olympia put it well: "The higher the heel, the better you feel." So, is it possible to have all that without the long term foot, knee, back and nerve damage high heels often cause? My answer is a resounding yes! I'm taking a cue from the Parisians, qualifying Charlotte's motto by inserting "psychologically" at the end of her statement and swapping in lower heels for my sky highs, part-time. If you're interested in joining me, here are some stylish and practical mid height heels to get you on your feet. Would you take this style cue from Parisian women?

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