Women's fashion this Fall/Winter 2012 season at its most basic level is about textures and patterns, which are achieved by the fabrics and decorative details employed and prints applied. Undoubtedly, you've noticed textures and patterns mounted on top of and paired with one another in fashion editorials and on mannequins near you. Altogether, they create a decadent, oft complex, beautiful mix. Consult THIS to achieve said image on your own.

Beware that textures and patterns can add heft, so choose pattern sizes that make sense on your body--small patterns for small frames; large patterns on large frames. If the fabric is bulky be sure it falls on your smallest areas or it is appropriately balanced with color, pattern, shape in areas where it does not fall. For example if you are pear shaped and you choose to wear a print or embroidered wool skirt it will naturally draw attention to your voluptuous hips. Wear a colorful blouse with bell shaped arms or bow to add visual interest and volume to balance your top half, or a try a contrasting top, intricate top. I went searching for beautiful pieces to mix and match as examples and found Neiman Marcus' stylists in agreement with me as they employ the same techniques HERE, HERE and HERE. Make sense? Are you incorporating any of the fabrics below into your wardrobe and in need of professional help? Consult with me, personal stylist, by e-mailing StW HERE.

And without further ado, here are the fabrics, decorative details and prints of the season (list is not comprehensive, but touches on most of them).


  1. Brilliant post! Liking the mix of textures and patterns. :-)

    1. Thank you! How are you doing? Are you seeing the same in menswear? And we still need to collaborate. :) I may be in London early next year so I'll let you know if I visit. :)


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