Here are a few articles and a video I found interesting this week. What I share here may or may not be directly related to fashion, but to be ill informed is never fashionable. Leave your thoughts by clicking through the 'Add a Comment' link at the bottom of this post. My first impressions are italicized below. Enjoy!

1. "Toxic Chemicals in Clothing Make All of Us Fashion Victims" Read/View via Business of Fashion HEREStW says: Thank you for holding fashion accountable, Business of Fashion for publishing this article and Greenpeace for championing a healthier environment for everyone. Our futures should not be at the expense of fashion or...many things I will not rant about.

2. "At the Outlets, Buyer Beware" Read/View via WSJ HERE. StW says: Just keep a discerning eye out while outlet shopping--pull a bit at the seams of garments to test strength. Look for any wear and tear on identical garments to determine how yours will age. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts if there's any visible damage (including make-up stains). A bargain is no bargain if the craftsmanship is slipshod or condition is below standard.

3. "Rachel Zoe's Style DOs and DONT's" Read/View via Glamour magazine HERE. StW says: Wise words!

4. "Lysistrata Strikes Again" Read/View via WSJ HERE. StW says: Totally agree that the sexual marketplace is tipped in the favor of men, on college campuses and in major cities where women outnumber men. So, I echo the author's question (and have for years): "As a practical matter, how, in an essentially free sexual marketplace, can like-minded women accomplish [sex founded on friendship, dating, and relationships] without being undercut by those among their peers who either do not share that objective or do not give it a high priority in the short term?," but reject the solution offered, "develop ways of stigmatizing young women who too readily say yes to sex, just as unions do to scabs and strikebreakers." While this may have some impact, I prefer to focus on me, improve myself and choose to date men who value who I am.

5. "How to Go Out By Yourself and Enjoy It" by my friend, Karyn Polewaczyk. Read/View via xoJane HERE. StW says: I support daredevils who get awesome things done, especially those who are my friends! Can you blame me? Karyn's no exception--follow her on her site HERE. Now, take yourself out on a date!

6. Lykke Li- "Possibility"
StW says: Right now, I'm listening to Lykke Li's music on a constant loop. I placed her sounds on my "creative" playlist where names like Florence + Machine, (select) Lana Del Ray, Foxes, and Jimi Hendrix play. This is one of my favorite songs of hers. You can find a good playlist HERE.

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