1. Yves Saint Laurent on Black Models posted by Vogue Spirit
StW says: Embrace your beauty. There's a debate about whether the exoticising of black women, or any person, people, place or thing for that matter, is good or bad. I'm not sure of where I stand in that debate, but at the end of the day embrace your beauty and if someone pays you the genuine compliment of calling you beautiful or special, thank them and move on.

2. What Women's Media Needs to Know about Chassidic Women" Read/View via xoJane HERE. StW says: Whoa! Blew the roof off what I learned from previous rhetoric RE the life of Orthodox Jewish women. A must read! Thank you xoJane for bringing Chaya Kurtz' words/views/knowledge to the forefront. It's important to have a number of perspectives.

3. "Tory Burch Is Now a Billionaire, Thanks to Chris" Read/View via NYMagazine HERE. StW says: Good for you, Tory! Huge fan of success stories.

4. "The Science of Productivity"- AsapScience

StW says: This helps!!! Watch.do.see the results!

5. "Hit girl Sia ... the singer who writes Rihanna and Jessie J's chart-toppers" Read/View via London Evening Standard HERE. StW says: Thank you Sia for bringing "Diamonds" (mentioned HERE) and "Wild Ones" and many more songs I enjoy to life.

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