1. "The Gates Funded Toilet of the Future" Read/View via FastCompany HERE. StW says: I am impressed and humbled by the organization's commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged peoples around the world. The use of water from a toilet for irrigation is incredibly foreign to me, but the scientists are confident that the technology works.

2. "Gaucho" -Dave Matthews Band

StW says: This song is a call to action in plain language. Bravo! Let's heal the world, not just by believing but also by doing. My involvement HERE is one way I choose to positively impact my fellow man. Get involved!

3. "Somewhere" -Jimi Hendrix

StW says: So apparently this is previously unheard Jimi Hendrix that BBC played on the airwaves for the first time ever yesterday. I'm a fan of Jimi. While listening to his music I feel connected to him and it's rare that I connect with an artist so profoundly. I was excited to hear that there was more to be heard and felt.

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