CAN THE LBJ (little black jumpsuit) REPLACE THE LBD?

It all started with a twitter conversation last December. I asserted to @TheSTStyle that LBDs will reign forever, but I'd dissent to don an LBJ (little black jumpsuit) soon; Five13Studio chimed in to say she is in the market for one too. We all went on our merry ways, but left the LBD panting fearfully after enduring threats of revolution from Gwenyth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, not to mention this snowballing conversation. So the LBD sat and watched her throne quietly until panic erupted at the 2013 Grammy Awards when Queen B, ruler of pop land, threatened to invade and crown the LBJ the new queen of date nights, conservative cocktail parties and those "I have nothing to wear" days and nights. You see, she wore it, an LBJ by Osman. Is the LBD safe from being usurped by the LBJ?

Will you wear a jumpsuit this Spring or next Fall? I'm here to help you make an informed decision.
Celebrities: Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone wearing black jumpsuits
  • You will need to remove most of the garment in order to use the ladies room. TURN OFF
  • If it's drafty or damn near frigid, you'll be warmer in a jumpsuit, which by the way can be worn with stockings or tights. TURN ON
  • Jumpsuits are versatile, but unless you work in a creative environment, they are not appropriate for the office. TURN OFF
  • LBJs come pretty damn close to YSL's Le Smoking Suit, so you can turn on your inner Bianca Jagger or Sasha Fierce while strutting your stuff. TURN ON
  • Thus far, designers have included jumpsuits prominently in their F/W 2013 collections so these are not a quickly fading trend. TURN ON
Styled to Wear top picks black jumpsuits: Valentino black jumpsuit, J Brand black jumpsuit, Elie Saab black jumpsuit, Robert Rodriguez black jumpsuit

For help selecting the perfect LBJ or LBD for you, contact Styled to Wear directly (646.543.3526; info@styledtowear.com) and or shop our services at www.styledtowear.com.

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