I've been reading about Sophia Amoruso, Jenna Lyons, and Marissa Mayer, female role models who lead major companies, Nasty Gal, J.Crew and Yahoo!, respectively.

Take Aways
1. Smart women. Inspiring ascents.
2. How do I grow my company to be as large and successful as theirs?
3. And what are their tote bags of choice? Better stated, what is on the short list of good, sturdy,   
    stylish and smart work tote bags for professional women?

I rounded up a few totes worth putting your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and briefing notes into for safe carry, and don't forget the Valextra tote I mention HERE. Click the links to enlarge and shop.

Colorful Tote Bags

Multi-color Tote Bags

Neutral Tote Bags

Black Tote Bags

Whether you're the CEO of an internet company, marketing exec, lawyer, banker, designer, boutique owner, etc., there are a number of options for you to choose from above. These are stylish, roomy, durable, lined, and made from high quality, smooth leathers and good hardware. 

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