We all wear clothing like jackets, bras, blouses, dresses, skirts, and pants. There are dozens of measurements one may take to find a precise fit for any of the garments mentioned above whether shopping for them online, in stores or having them custom made. However, the seven below are most critical. They will help you find suitable fitting garments for you. I encourage you to check your measurements and know them well, ladies, especially before you shop for spring clothing and or transition garments while you work towards your beach body.
1. SHOULDERS- I have broad shoulders. It's difficult to find jackets that fit me correctly, but knowing my shoulder width allows me to make decisions that fit. Measure from edge of shoulder bone to base of neck and over to other shoulder bone edge (should be arched, as pictured). TIP: Check for lack of free range of motion in the arms, and puckering along the back center seam. If either exist while you're trying on a jacket move on because the shoulders are cut too small for you.

2. SLEEVE LENGTH- Long sleeves should stop at your wrist bone. So if you hold a top up matching the center of the collar to the center of your neck, the armhole seam should align with the dot at the edge of the shoulder bone above. Placing your arms at 90 degrees, the end of the sleeve should stop at your wrist bone. Otherwise, the sleeves are too short. Though, shirts that stretch may not fit this standard. Follow the same path with tape measure.

3. BUST- Being well dressed starts with the basics. Ever notice a woman in a beautiful top with rolls of flesh peaking out above and below her brassiere? It's because her bra is too small! 75-85% of women wear the wrong bra size. Don't be a statistic. To measure your bust find the fullest part of your chest. Wrap the tape measure around your body at this point, wrapping the tape underneath your underarms and ending at your starting point; be sure the tape measure is level all the way around. Use a mirror or friend to help! Watch these two videos on how to find your bra size and learn about proper fit: 1 and 2.

4. WAIST- Avoid appearing like encased sausage. Measure your waist then get clothing that flatters and defines it. This is important for tops and dresses, especially those made from materials or sewn so that they don't stretch. To measure your waist stand up straight, bend slightly to your side, and place the measuring tape at the natural crease that forms. Measure your circumference from that point.

5. HIPS- Know this measurement so your pencil skirt glides gracefully over your thighs allowing you to strut your stuff like Sophia Vergara starring in your own Pepsi commercial. Reason enough to put down those Spanx and pick up a tape measure, no? Wrap the tape measure from the widest part of your hip around your buttocks, front and back to your starting point. Be sure the tape measure is level around your body.

6. THIGHS- No one wants their circulation cut off by their pants! Measure the circumference of your thighs at their fullest part.

7. INSEAM- To find the perfect length for your spring/summer pant suit measure your inseam from the upper most part of your thigh to your ankle. TIP: If you plan to wear heels with your suit and your pants are not tapered to stop at the ankle ALWAYS take into account heel height!

Moreover, taking your measurements allows you to determine your body type and from there, to wear the clothing best suited for you, which can only show you in your best light.

For a consultation where I personally take your measurements and prescribe the best silhouettes and colors for you, contact Styled to Wear or shop our services at www.styledtowear.com.

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