Perform a mini closet edit each season to keep your closet organized and fresh, and optimize your shopping experiences. As spring approaches, we are increasingly bombarded with messages of new trends to try and items we must buy. In fact, next week I'll discuss a few spring/summer trends, but hopefully in a more practical way for you. Before committing to adding new items to your closet this season, I urge you to think about what's already there. Here are 6 simple steps to help you make good on that popular New Year's Eve resolution of cleaning and organizing your wardrobe. These tips will help you kickoff a more informed approach to spring shopping.
Carrie Bradshaw in her first closet. Scene in which she says: 'I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.'
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1. Check your emotions (i.e., nostalgia) at your closet door. Once you've put on your objective eyeglasses, open the door and immediately remove all items that: no longer fit, you're embarrassed to wear, are permanently stained (ahem, pit stains), damaged, faded or pilled beyond recognition. That goes for shoes too!

2. Organize your clothing by category (e.g., tops, skirts, pants) and color within each category.

3. Remove any items that can be restored with tailoring or repaired within reasonable cost. Get them fixed or determine how to re-purpose them; I can help.

4. Remove any winter items that really cannot be used during the spring or summer months. Clean and store them.

5. Take all the items from #1 above and dispose of them. DO NOT STORE THEM IN YOUR HOME. Don't suffer the trap of deceiving yourself into thinking they still look good because of old memories. They don't.

6. Take note of holes in your wardrobe (some essentials). Consider trends and what you're willing or excited to try, which should be based on your style, style goals and what flatters you. Take your body measurements, and finally go shopping. Styled to Wear provides a Wardrobe Cleanse & Rejuvenation serviceInquire for details or shop services directly.
Carrie Bradshaw in her closet Sex and the City 2
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