Let's talk about an outerwear trend that I think is pretty neat and likely different from anything in your wardrobe. Rain coats are decidedly clear this season. Who doesn't like a clear choice? Would you try this trend or does it reveal too much? Word of advice: if you have anything to hide (beneath your coat), change.


  1. Just visiting, enjoyed the article about jackets but since the headers take up half the screen space incredibly difficult to see the photos.

    IF you depend on visual appeal ( the images of the clothes you describe, all of which look wonderful - as far as I can tell)
    why would you have page design in which it feels as If I'm looking under a door to see the clothes??
    Sorry, would otherwise have stayed longer here as looks interesting.

    Very difficult to scroll down as the side tabs poke out. Have to put the cursor on the page itselff then press the Pg Dn key.

    1. Thank you for such awesome feedback and for reading, JJ! I totally agree with you. I've been trying to recode that bar myself for ages. I'm planning a site re-design, so that should be fixed with it. Perhaps an RSS feed will work in the meantime? (the little gray tool bar that pokes out when you hover over it, on the right side of the screen, will help with that.) Thanks again for reading and I hope you'll return!


      P.S. Which browser are you using and how did you find Styled to Wear?


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