1. "Anna Wintour Named Condé Nast Artistic Director" Read/View via Condé Nast. StW: INCREDIBLE! The woman is simply incredible! Keep finding ways to rise and discover new challenges for yourselves in your personal lives and careers. Go, Anna!

2. "Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Message to Men" -CNNMoney
StW says: Men need to be a part of the equation--thank you for attempting to impress this upon men and women of the generations in the workforce today!

2. "Take My Picture" -Garage Magazine

StW says: Street style photography certainly emboldens some to rock bizarre attire that they wouldn't wear in their ordinary lives, and or become attention whores. However, I agree with the designer who asserts that participating in spectator event outside the shows is an excellent marketing tactic, for all: new and established designers, photographers, editors bloggers, stylists, aspiring models, writers, performers, anyone really. One highly circulated snapshot feeds traffic and awareness (albeit not always positive) to an individual or brand. It's there to be capitalized. It's a circus, but it democratizes the industry unlike ever before. As more people join the chorus, it seems that the industry grows larger and more influential.

3. "Sustainable Air Travel Takes Off" Read/View via Environmental News Network. StW says: Bravo, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines! They flew 7 hours from NY to Amsterdam using a 50/50 blend of kerosene and recycled cooking oil! Let's keep moving in this direction! Go bio-fuels! This article was brought to my attention by my friend Emily D.

4. "16 Year Old White Girl Poses in 'African Queen Editorial'" Read/View via JezebelStW says: I'm wondering if magazines continue to do this for the controversy publicity this stunt brings. I thought to myself, perhaps editors are looking for black models with stereotypical Caucasian features, but then again there are plenty of black models who fit the bill. So, I don't understand this. Admittedly, I feature a lot of young, white women on my blog and social media profiles--more white than any other race. I am conscious of that and working to change that. Hold me to it. Who do you need and want to see represented?

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