1. Celebrity reactions to Chanel's F/W 2013/2014 Haute Couture Show
StW Says: What's your opinion? Watch the show via the video below and leave your comments.

2. CHANEL Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture via Bayoucool
StW says: "Chanel's show was like a travel through time. The set and clothing from the beginning to about the middle of the collection were reminiscent of an old world militaristic order. Colors, with few exceptions, were limited to muted greens, blues and purples. Belts, boots and caps were all reminiscent of a soldier's kit. Rubble, the remnants of turmoil and destruction, surrounded show attendees. Then the clothes began to tell a different story with more pronounced uses of glimmering fabric, cuts that suggested a futuristic world and occasional outfits that were entirely white or silver. They signified a shift, almost like triumph or emergence from the rubble. As I thought this, I noticed the backdrop on stage, which depicts the modern society in which we live. Eventually, the caps disappear and the clothing becomes airy relative to the first two thirds of the collection. The show ends with Erin Wasson wearing a futuristic white suit with traces of romantic elements in its skirt and train. Perhaps Karl is pointing to a future society that rises above warfare? -Schuanne" Thoughts? 

3. Feminist Disney by Mari Rogers. Read/View via The Daily Dot.
StW says: The points raised here are thought provoking. Call us ignorant, but we never understood why dressing up as Native Americans was wrong or upsetting, but the article's reference to Disney's white washing of Tonto, a native character in its upcoming film, and production of Tonto costumes that include sleeves intended to mimic Tonto's skin complexion reminded us of our outrage a propos of fashion's continued use of black face despite the fact that there are plenty of black models able and qualified to work worldwide. We're still exploring this idea of misappropriation. We aren't totally convinced of its evilness, but certainly are now open to more critical perspectives of the practice. Participate in the conversation by visiting Mari's tumblr.

4. Fendi and its guests toasted to the label's new store at 51 Avenue Montaigne, Paris at the close of couture week there. Read/View via Style.com
StW says: What's more exciting is Parisians and visitors to the city of lights will enjoy a free exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld's photography which commemorates the fashion house's work to restore Italy's famed Trevi fountain, amongst others. Visit Styled to Wear's facebook page on June 8th at 3P EST for our pick of best dressed at this fete.

5. Work of photographer, Erik Madigan Heck. Read/View via Erik's website.
StW says: As we were surfing Pinterest, we stumbled upon a striking image like the one above that reminded us of Dutch, baroque painter, Johannes Vermeer, that maintained elements of modernity, mainly in the clothing. We wanted to gobble up more and figured you may too. Erik's work is stimulating and it's impressive that he has found success within the fashion world at the tender age of 29, having amassed a client list that includes: Mary Katrantzou, Rodarte, Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann, Comme des Garcons, Kenzo, Dries Van Noten and Valentino Couture and more.

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