THIS IS MY BRAIN ON 03.16.2013

I worked with awesome photographer Aaron Serrano months ago on an editorial that has been published in Sicky and Superior Magazines and hopefully more down the line. Certainly, each shoot is a learning experience. That's the beauty of creativity, there's always room to stretch and grow. I can't wait to share pictures from the many shoots I've worked on this summer with you. We'll have to wait until they are published. Until then, enjoy and thanks for taking the time to check out my craft. What's yours?

Here's the editorial as laid out in Superior Magazine. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.

Photography by Aaron Serrano | Hair by Yiannis Tsapatori | Make-up by Andrew Colvin | Models Lan Wilhelmina and Luma Grothe at Elite | Fashion styling by Schuanne Cappel | Fashion Stylist Assistant Nina Antonsen

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