Congratulations to the hundreds of thousands of women who recently graduated from bachelor, master, and doctorate programs. We are so proud of you! Our next couple posts are for you and women out there who need career related style advice. Ask yourself, "Does my career tool belt include a sense of how to properly convey the image I wish to project in the workplace?" If the answer isn't an emphatic "YES," then dress yourself appropriately in your new work environment with StW's handpicked examples and tips. Please note that your company's culture and dress code take precedence over the advice below.

If you are a creative (e.g., graphic designer, jewelry designer, writer, musician, interior decorator, social media director, blogger, perfumer, fashion PR director), guess what? You can wear just about anything you want: prints, textured pieces, bold colors, statement jewelry, sleeveless, fitted clothing (but not like you're heading to a club), 5" high heels, distressed jeans and leather, sneakers, etc. TIP: Steer clear of anything that exposes too much cleavage, and if you wear a short, fitted skirt, do NOT pair it with a pair of sky high heels. The time and place for that combination is in no way your workplace.

Below are a few outfit examples, but don't stop here. You can wear long, flowing maxi skirts, rompers, shorts, t-shirts, etc. Head over to our facebook page today, July 30th, at 3P EST to view one more outfit suggestion. Are you a creative? What is your favorite work ensemble?

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