We wanted to pass along some tips for ladies attending parties aboard yachts in warm conditions focusing specifically on footwear. Follow StW on twitter; StW stylist, Schuanne, will release her handpicked choices and tips for cocktail attire appropriate for wear on yachts. Her expert picks will apply to parties occurring in warm climates.
photo courtesy of: Sperry Topsider

1. Unlike celeb inspired photos would lead you to believe, heels are NOT appropriate for several reasons. In fact, you should rule out heels and hard bottomed shoes. Here's why:
    • You plan on drinking?.
    • It's difficult to balance in heels on a boat. You don't want to be the girl who trips and falls, sprains her ankle or worse, unintentionally slips overboard.
    • Heels and hard-bottomed shoes scratch and scuff the boat's surface, which is an insult to your host. If your host isn't visibly cringing, trust he or she is cursing the name of any woman boarding with 5" heels strapped to her ankles.
2. Wear flats. If you insist on height, wear wedges. Be sure whatever shoe you wear is rubber bottomed with siping. Siping is a process of cutting thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction in wet or icy conditions.
    • As alluded to above, you want maximum stability, comfort and traction on what is bound to be a dynamic and potentially slippery boat deck.
      photo courtesy of: Sperry Topsider
3. Like heels, flip flops aren't the best.
    • They will not hold your ankles stationary. Can you wear them? Sure, but we recommend shoes that are more secure.
4. The lighter your shoe sole's color the better. Do NOT wear black bottomed shoes.
    • Dark and black soles will leave marks on the otherwise pristine deck. We know you wouldn't dare be a rude guest. Ideally your soles will be white, but tan will do too.
Sperry Topsider is the authority in this space. We recommend starting with Sperry's website when looking for shoes for your next yacht party.

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