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Wardrobe Edit

Streamline your closet for effortless outfit creation and advice to refresh your wardrobe


Learn about you and devise a plan to best meet your needs

Personal Shopping

Personally curated selection of clothing and accessories assembled in the comforts of your home, office or hotel

$100/hour. Direct questions to

Some Feedback about us

During my consultation with Schuanne I found that she has the ability to seamlessly combine her expertise with my fashion goals and limitations, my personality, and my current "closet status." Her passion for fashion is apparent and I was impressed by the fact that even after our time had ended she sent me a dozen more ideas she thought of after leaving my home. Within one afternoon, I had a much better sense of what works best for me and I was both excited and confident that I could create great new looks on my own!

- Alison, 28, Physician's Assistant

Thank you again for such a positive shopping experience! My friends and family really liked the clothes that you selected personally for me and expressed how happy they are that you're helping me to take my image to the next level. I want to repeat this again in the near future for separates: pants, skirts, and jackets/blazers. I'm excited for more shopping!

- Alexandra, 32, Lawyer

You do not understand how thankful I am for your help! You have made me interested in clothing, and made fashion fun for me! I get excited thinking of what to wear now, like it's a game. I've never in my life done that and you did that!

- Anastasia, Marketing Professional, 27

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